The city of Edmonton and town of Devon were placed under a flood watch on Friday afternoon.

Water levels in the North Saskatchewan River could rise 3.5 metres by Saturday.

People who live near the river say they're worried about the rising water especially as they see the flooding in southern Alberta.

"Kinda scary," said Tyrone Heyes. "Hoping it doesn't happen here."

Riverdale resident Sally Issenman is concerned as well.

"In ‘86 I got flooded in the basement," she said.

Although the city's emergency management department does not expect major flooding, there is a plan in place.

"Edmonton is ready, able and prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure our citizens' safety and security," Mayor Stephen Mandel said.

Mandel says people affected by flooding in southern Alberta are in his thoughts. On Thursday, the city sent 100 police officers to Calgary.