The city is planning to make repairs to LRT guard rails that have caused long traffic delays over the past year.

On Monday, vehicles were stuck behind the guard rails at 114th Street and University Avenue for half an hour.

The rails stayed down until city employees arrived to make repairs.

Dave Geike, the city’s director of LRT operations, says recent freeze/thaw conditions caused the problem on Monday.

“The crews responded,” he said. “It happened during rush hour. And they just had to go in and tweak the voltage there.”

There have also been problems caused by condensation but Geike thinks they have found a solution.

“We've got some retrofits that we're in the process of implementing to seal up the box and to put some insulation in to try to prevent that condensation from forming,” he said.

However, the situation that occurred on Monday can be hard to prevent because sand and salt builds up over the winter, Geike says.