Corey Scott is grateful he and his five-year-old son Aiden escaped. ((CBC))

An off-duty firefighter and his five-year-old son were lucky to escape with minor injuries after the snow-covered roof of an automotive shop in Spruce Grove, Alta., collapsed.

Corey Scott and his five-year-old son, Aiden, were inside the SO-CAL Speed Shop at about 2:15 p.m. MT Friday, looking for parts needed to restore an old truck when the roof over the front part of the building collapsed.

"I wasn't in the building for 30 seconds and just approached the service counter, and it sounded like a train hit the building," Scott said.

"Instantly, a few ceiling tiles dropped — in a matter of seconds — and the rest of it came down."

Scott shielded his son from the falling debris as he scrambled toward the nearest exit.

"I managed to grab him [Aiden] and we went out the first bay door. … One of the employees grabbed my son and brought him outside and came back and managed to get me out."

Capt. Chad Priebe of Spruce Grove Fire Services said Scott got his son out just in time.

"There was a worker outside, so he actually passed his kid through the door to the worker as the building came down."

Minor injuries

Scott called his wife from the back of an ambulance.

"I asked if he was hurt at all, he said, 'No, no.' And he didn't tell me that he had been hit in the shoulder. He doesn't like worrying me. ... He knows that I stress about his career enough as it is," Jenny Scott said.

"You know, you worry about him at work, not on his down time."


The roof covering the front part of this building collapsed on Friday afternoon. ((CBC))

Aiden was not injured, while Scott walked away with minor injuries — three hairline fractures to his ribs, a sore shoulder and a bruised lung. He insists he's not a hero.

"It's just part of being a dad, I think. Thinking about him, I guess, first thing ... the biggest thing was my son and then thought about myself after the fact."

Scott said his son seems to be recovering from the incident just fine.

"He seems pretty good, actually. He's more heroic than me, I think. He's telling everybody like it's a cool story. I'm sure he'll be telling everyone at school."

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety is investigating. It is not clear what caused the roof to collapse, but officials say there was a large amount of snow on the roof at the time.