It took 30 firefighters to put out a blaze at an Edmonton home where the upstairs tenants lost all their belongings today.

The fire began in a downstairs bedroom at around 12:30 p.m., according to fire officials. It then quickly spread up the walls to the main floor and attic. 

Shortly after the fire started, the tenants living in the downstairs apartment ran out of the home screaming, one with blood on their hands. 

They then argued with each other about whether to call 911 or not, according to neighbours.

"One lady says 'Yes, hurry up' and some other guy said 'No, I got it,'" said a neighbour who witnessed the event. "And that's when I noticed they have pulled out the garden hose and tried to get the fire out of the basement window with a garden hose." 

One man was taken to hospital with deep cuts in his hand and smoke inhalation. 

The upstairs tenants say they are devastated after losing everything except for one tenant's mother's engagement ring which firefighters were able to retrieve. 

"It was a hard fire to fight because of, you know, the conditions," said District Chief Ian Langridge.

The biggest challenge was the heat. Firefighters on scene say temperatures were sweltering inside the house making it difficult to put out the flames.

"We had to call in extra crews, limit the amount of time the guys were inside and just make sure that they were hydrated well and that once they came out we kept them outside for a little bit." 

Investigators are now working to figure out how the fire started and assess the amount of damage.