A home in Riverdale that has sat unfinished for years will be demolished unless the owner comes up with a plan to complete construction, the city revealed Tuesday.

The house is the dream of photographer Con Boland, who was building it with ecological features such as geothermal heating and cooling.


The city wants Con Boland to finish the house by the end of the year. (CBC)

However, construction stopped and Boland has run out of money. The building is falling apart, which prompted the city to step in.

Boland has been issued an order to finish the house by the end of the year or face demolition, with the city sending him the bill.

"We have not seen any progress by way of a commitment or a serious plan on his part that would indicate that we're going to be progressing to have the property finished by him," said Troy Courtoreille, coordinator of the city’s complaints and investigations division.

Boland’s pet project has long aggravated his neighbours. The structure was built too tall for the neighbourhood, so four years ago the city ordered Boland to tear down the third floor.

Today he blames the city for letting him build it in the first place.

"If I hadn't had all these penalties and work stoppages from the city over a few inches, this building would have been long finished," he said.

Boland said his only option is to sell the building to someone who can afford to finish the project.