Father grieves for son shot by police during bank robbery

The father of the man shot by police Tuesday says his son was depressed and had fallen ill leading up to his attempt to rob a bank.

CBC News confirms Mike Grisch, 24, was fatally shot by police

A man who was shot by police on Tuesday has died in hospital 2:13

The father of the man shot by police Tuesday says his son was depressed leading up to his attempt to rob a bank.

"He wanted them to do him a favour, to put him out of his misery," says the father of Mike Grisch "That's why he did it.

"Why couldn't he talk to me? Why did he do that?"

Grisch's father — who declined to give his name to CBC News — said he is very upset and can't stop crying.

HIs father said Grisch had a mysterious but serious illness — that may have been intestinal cancer — that caused him intense bleeding and he may have recently suffered a stroke.

Grisch's father acknowledges his 24-year-old son had a troubled past.

Grisch, who also went by the name Mike Bronaugh, using his mother's surname, has a history of criminal charges for possession of weapons dating back several years.

Most recently he was sentenced in June 2010 to six months in jail and prohibited from owning firearms for 10 years for possession of a loaded weapon.

He was charged as a 14-year-old boy for possession of a weapon dangerous to the public in 2003. 

Grisch well-liked as a youngster

Grisch went to high school in Edmonton, his father said. "He was well-liked. He was gregarious. He would do things for people. But when you're young, you have to learn responsibility. It's not given to you."

Grisch's father is a tradesman who has been separated from his wife for many years.

"Because of our estranged relationship, it was an angry young man that confronted me. And I'm being the old-school, I thought that discipline and, 'You want to be a man ... you have to earn those. You just don't take them.' "

His father said Grisch came out of jail a changed man, but couldn't get his life together.

Grisch had a seven-year-old daughter to support, but could only manage to find what his dad calls dead-end jobs.

His father said Grisch gave his daughter and her cousin Christmas presents Monday.

"He gift-wrapped them," he said. "He spent his last money to buy them presents."

Several days ago, Grisch told his friends he was going to rob a bank, his father told CBC News.

They didn't believe him, but according to his father, Grisch got into a taxi cab Tuesday afternoon and went to the Canadian Western Bank, at South Edmonton Common where, in the end, he was shot by police.

Grisch died Wednesday morning from his injuries the day after two police officers fired several shots at him during the robbery attempt.

His father said it will be a struggle to pay for his son's funeral.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating the actions of the officers involved.