Hockey fans looking to bring the arena experience into their living room have a new toy to play with, thanks to an Edmonton company. 

Fantasy Scoreboards, created by Will Nault and Tyler Richards, uses the internet to pull real-time information from a game while it's in progress. The mini arena scoreboard provides live game stats incluidng including shots on net and penalties, along with the official game clock. It even flashes red lights when a goal is scored.

All users need to do is pick the game they want to track using a companion app on their smartphone.

"The scoreboard's designed to automatically come on 20 minutes before your favourite teams starts playing — so it's just like you're at the arena and the warm-up is going on," Nault told video producer Peter Evans.

"Then boom, as soon as the puck drops, it's a live scoreboard of a live event."

The fantasy scoreboards on sale right now are comparable in size to a desktop monitor, and are selling for about US$300.

Nault and Richards took their scoreboard to the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in Las Vegas last month. Industry response was "overwhelming," Nault said.

In the future, the inventors are hoping to expand beyond hockey, creating customized football, basketball and baseball scoreboards.