The family of a Camrose youth worker who was found dead in a group home two years ago is suing the Alberta government.

Diane McClements, 61, worked in the home run by Camrose Community Connections.  Her body was found in the basement of the Marler Supported Independent Living home on May 12, 2012.


Diane McClements, 61, was found dead on May 12, 2012. (Facebook)

A 17-year-old youth who was under her care is charged with second-degree murder in her death.

The youth, the agency, East Central Alberta Child and Family Services, and the Canadian Accreditation Council are also named as defendants in the statement of claim.

The lawsuit alleges that the government and the child services authority did not take steps to ensure McClements would be safe and that she would not be working alone.

The family further alleges that the government and authority failed to have a safety alarm or emergency warning system in the home that McClements could use in a crisis.

Camrose Community Connections is also accused of failing to ensure the youth went through proper screening and flagged as a possible workplace hazard.

The allegations in the document have not been proven in court.

The teen cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. His trial is scheduled to start in September.