A former Alberta doctor, convicted of manslaughter in the death a colleague in Fairview, Alta., seven years ago, was released from prison Friday, Corrections Canada confirmed.

Abraham Cooper had been serving an 88-month sentence for killing Dr. Doug Snider, 59, who disappeared after telling his wife he was going to a meeting at Cooper's clinic on May 5, 1999.

His body has never been found, but police discovered his blood on Cooper's running shoes, in the trunk of his car and in his office.

During his five-week trial, which attracted national attention, the court heard that Cooper often feuded with Snider, believing he was part of a conspiracy to ruin Cooper's medical practice.

In 2005, Cooper was denied release by the National Parole Board after serving two-thirds of his sentence.

"In their review of Mr. Cooper, [they] determined that he could, and may, present a risk to the public and therefore was a good candidate to be detained past his statutory release date," said Darren Caul, regional manager of community relations for the parole board.

The fact that Cooper has served his full sentence means he no longer has to report his whereabouts to authorities, Caul said Friday.

Snider's family declined requests to be interviewed.

Town officials in Fairview said Friday that they were focused on "moving on."

"He has been released and I guess if he wants to come back here, he can. He's certainly within his legal bounds," said Lloyd Johnston, the town's chief administrative officer. "There certainly isn't any fear of him coming back here, that's for sure."