Some Edmonton apartment-dwellers are dealing with a new and unwelcome houseguest.

Cockroaches have been spotted in multiple units within the Crystal Court complex on 108th Avenue.

While several units were temporarily evacuated so an exterminator could come in and get rid of the bugs, one resident is moving out for keeps.

Tenant Jay Thompson was hanging out with a friend in his apartment when he reached down to grab a CD and saw a roach.

"You could tell just by the coat of armour on the the other side ... we didn't think we had those things here."

But local exterminator Tom Schultz says cockroaches are becoming a big problem in Edmonton.

"It's pretty much daily for inquiries for cockroaches ... as far as an inside problem, it would be secondary only to the bed bugs."

Experts say best way to keep cockroaches out of your house is to keep your food covered and check your bags to make sure you’re not bringing any unwanted insects into your home.

With files from CBC's Scott Stevenson and Kristina Partsinevelos