The former offensive coordinator for the Edmonton Eskimos has been arrested after a bizarre theft in the United States, CBC News has learned.

Kevin Strasser, 42, left the team in 2010 and is now a high-school football coach in Oregon City, just south of Portland.

Police say Strasser is accused of stealing a diamond-encrusted watch from a student, then pawning it.

The grade 12 student noticed the watch missing near the end of the school year. Later, a friend found the watch in a local pawn shop.

"I don’t think the student thought he was ever going to see or get the watch back. He just wrote it off as a loss," Sgt. Matthew Paschall of the Oregon City Police told CBC News.

Police say they checked into the store’s records and arrested Strasser.

The victim goes to the school where Strasser coaches, but Paschall didn't know if he was on the football team.

Strasser has been released on $15,000 bail. He has been charged with theft and official misconduct, and is awaiting a court date.