Edmontonians can now rely on their email inbox to plan their bus route through the city.

Edmonton Transit has launched its Live Email & Ride service which relies on GPS technology and your computer or smartphone to send information about bus stop scheduling.

To use the service, you send an email to ETSLive@edmonton.ca with the stop number in question as the subject line. A response email, sent within “moments,” will report the next departure times scheduled for that stop.

The service will provide both real-time and scheduled departure times for buses along two city routes – the 111 and 128 – that have already been equipped with Smart Bus technology that tracks the buses’ progress.

Live GPS tracking is also going to be added to two more routes – the 7 and 57 – next month.

Customers at both the University and West Edmonton Mall transit centres can also get real-time schedule information from the ETS Live Departures Boards installed on site.

ETS plans to have the entire city bus fleet on a GPS tracking system within two years, budget permitting.

You can learn more about the service here.