Escaped Alberta prisoner in custody after police chase in B.C.

A police chase near Fort Nelson, B.C., on Tuesday ended with the arrest of a prisoner who escaped custody the day before with help from an armed gunman.

Dramatic video captures police laying spike belt over highway moments before takedown

RCMP officers with guns surround a minivan with flat tires after a police chase Tuesday morning near Fort Nelson, B.C. (Alaska Highway News)

A police chase near Fort Nelson, B.C., on Tuesday ended with the arrest of a prisoner who escaped custody the day before with help from an armed gunman.

The final moments of the chase were caught on video, as police placed a spike belt across the Alaska Highway just south of the city.

A minivan can be seen driving over the belt. Moments later, officers with rifles surround the van, its tires flattened, and arrest the men inside.

Police using a spike belt during a highway chase. Video credit: Dean Badine 0:40

Harley John Lay and two other men were taken into custody after RCMP officers stopped the minivan at about 11:30 a.m.

Police have released no further information about the arrests.

 Dean Badine said he was driving over the Muskwa Bridge south of the city when an RCMP officer pulled him over.

"He just waved me over and told me to get off the road," Badine said. "I knew something was about to happen, so I put the camera on."

About 10 minutes later, camera rolling, he watched a minivan speed across the bridge and run over the spike belt.

An officer then pulled the belt off the road just before four RCMP trucks drove past, lights flashing and sirens screaming.

Badine said he was aware a prisoner had escaped the day before in Peace River, Alta., about 600 km southeast of Fort Nelson.

"I heard (about) the jailbreak from Peace River. But I didn't think it would be coming up this way." 

Harley John Lay was being escorted to a medical appointment Monday when his guards were jumped by an armed man wearing a mask. (RCMP)

Lay, 29, escaped Monday when a masked man with a handgun confronted two corrections officers in a hospital parking lot and demanded they release their prisoner. Lay was being escorted to hospital for a medical appointment at about 10 a.m. Monday.

A third man acted as getaway driver.

The three men sped off in a beige Dodge minivan.

RCMP across much of northwest Alberta, including aircraft, were involved in the manhunt for Lay and his companions.

Lay was being held on remand at the Peace River Correctional Facility awaiting a trial date.

He was scheduled to go to trial in May on 16 charges, including assaulting an RCMP officer with bear spray, evading police, unlawful confinement, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and four counts of failing to comply with bail conditions.

Peace River is about 490 km northwest of Edmonton.