Female members of the Edmonton Police Service will be allowed to wear police-issued hijab headscarves while in uniform.

The hijab, which covers the head and neck but not the face, is worn by some Muslim women as an expression of faith.

According to a release made Friday, while there are currently no members within EPS who have requested to wear a hijab while in uniform, the organization is taking proactive steps to “reflect the changing diversity in the community, and to facilitate the growing interest in policing careers from Edmonton’s Muslim community.”

A prototype hijab has been tailored, and was designed to be simple and easily removable.

Police say the new uniform addition was tested to ensure it would not pose any risk to the officer wearing it, and would not interfere with the officer’s ability to do her work.

The official EPS-issued hijab has been approved by members of Edmonton’s Muslim community.

EPS Superintendent Kevin Galvin, representing the Chief’s Muslim Community Liaison Committee, also spoke out in favour of the hijab design.

“Regardless of race, culture, religion, or sexual orientation, it is important that anyone who has a calling to serve and protect Edmontonians, and passes the rigorous recruitment and police training standards, feel welcome and included in the EPS.”