Riverdale residents affected by a water main break on Wednesday believe EPCOR should cover some of their losses because it took so long for crews to find the source of the leak.

"Sure, I can understand that a water main would break — this is Edmonton," Carol McDonald said.  "But to take two and a half hours to locate the valves, to shut the water off? That's not reasonable."

EPCOR was called about the break at at 89th Street and Rowland Road around 6 p.m. Wednesday.

When McDonald arrived home, she found her yard and garage covered by water that went up to her knees. Her basement was flooded, damaging the walls, floors and furniture.

While most of the damage will be covered by her insurance company, McDonald believes EPCOR and the city should pay for the losses that aren't covered by her policy because it took so long for crews to shut off the leak.

"We're hopeful that they won't be difficult in terms of trying to recover those losses," she said. "I do feel that there is some culpability."

However, McDonald appears to be out of luck. A city bylaw states that EPCOR isn't liable for damage to private property.

"Under the terms and conditions of service, homeowners are responsible for their own property," said EPCOR spokesman Tim le Riche. "So they should be speaking to their home insurance provider."

Service was restored to about 20 homes affected by the water main break on Thursday morning.