High school students who live in the catchment area for the publicly-funded Victoria School of the Arts may no longer be guaranteed a spot unless they first meet entrance requirements.  

Under the current policy, anyone who lives in the area can attend the performing and fine arts school.

Demand is so high that the board now believes that high school students should meet entrance requirements already required for students from kindergarten to Grade 9.

But Quinn Wade from the Central McDougall Community League believes the idea will end up hurting students who live in the area. 

"What happens is they're forced to attend a school that is further away from where they live — for our neighbourhood, Eastglen School," he said. "That's a 30-minute bus ride away."

Jane Sterling, a spokesperson for Edmonton Public Schools, says the proposal would not affect anyone now attending the downtown Edmonton school.

The school board is gathering feedback until Feb.1st which will then be forwarded to the board superintendent.