Federal Environment Minister Rona Ambrose says her ministry will meet with provincial officials to evaluate whether further protection is needed for two endangered Alberta plants.

On Tuesday, a coalition of environmental groups threatened to sue Ambrose unless she moves within two months to protect the tiny cryptanthe and small-flowered sand verbena.

They say the plants are threatened with extinction because of development in Alberta.

On Wednesday, Ambrose said the matter will be reviewed with officials from Sustainable Resource Development.

"We will be talking to the Alberta government to see what kind of plan they have in place for these particular species of plants, but we have that kind of conversation ongoing with all the territories and provinces on a daily basis," she said.

"The important thing here is not the lawsuit. The important thing is we look at the scientific basis for listing any species and move with local community … to make sure we put the right conservation plan in place."

The coalition, represented by the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, is trying to test the government's commitment to the federal Species at Risk Act, said Cliff Wallis, the executive director of Nature Canada.

Alberta does protect animals and plants under its Wildlife Act, said Gerry Boudrias, a spokesman for the province's Sustainable Resource Development department.

The act has provisions for listing new species at risk and how to protect them, Boudrias said.