Enclosed pedway, upgraded Coliseum LRT station, could cost $30M

The pedway would take people directly from the station to the Northlands Expo Centre.
This image shows how the enclosed pedway would connect the Coliseum LRT station with the Northlands Expo Centre. (City of Edmonton )

An upgrade to the Coliseum LRT station with a pedway to the nearby Northlands Expo Centre could cost as much as $30 million.

People can use an outdoor pedway across 118th Avenue to get from the station to the Northlands grounds.

But the route means people have to be outdoors, and walk across the parking lot, to get into the Expo Centre.

The proposed concept has an enclosed pedway linking the building with the southern end of the station.

The plan discussed by councillors at Wednesday’s meeting of the transportation committee is still at a preliminary stage.

Engineering work will determine whether the foundation could support a  new structure.

“What we'll do is get a design consultant on board to start some very conceptual work and at least tell us what's possible and have ideas to go through from there,” said Jim Stein, general supervisor of transit facilities.

Coun. Amarjeet Sohi says something needs to be done soon. He doesn’t want to wait another five or ten years for upgrades and suggested the city take interim measures if necessary.

“This station is the most user-unfriendly. This station is horrible - does not ... give the perception of safety,” he said.

“Even I don't feel as comfortable at that station as I do at other stations.”

Early on July 2, a brawl broke out on the Coliseum station platform while crowds were coming home from the Canada Day fireworks.

Increased security is not the focus of the new plan, but the city will look at what can be done.

“There are...design enhancements we could look at, lighting and colours,” Stein said.

Councillors will get an update on the plans in October.