Elizabeth Withey sporting single frock around the clock for a year

An Edmonton woman has been wearing the same dress every day for more than four months straight — and has no plans to stop any time soon.

Edmonton woman will wear one dress, and one dress only, every day until Dec. 31, 2015

Elizabeth Withey is four months into a year-long fashion challenge, in which she will buy nothing and wear the same little black dress every day. (Caitlin Hanson/CNC)

An Edmonton woman has been wearing the same dress every day for more than four months straight — and has no plans to stop any time soon.

The little black dress used to be the go-to item reserved for a special night out on the town — but Elizabeth Withey is upending that tradition. She has cleared out all the excess from her closet, leaving only the dress and a few other staples for daily wear.

Behold: Laverne (worn by Elizabeth Withey). Withey hopes to wear this dress every day until Dec. 31, 2015. (Caitlin Hanson/CBC)
By the way, the dress has a name: Laverne.

Withey, the writer in residence for Edmonton Public Library, calls her fashion choice "an exercise in simplification."

"I like the idea of a uniform," she said. "For me, it was not so much a personal challenge as distinguishing between want and need, and not feeling enslaved by all this choice that we have."

She's also saving money, she said.

On top of her mono-wardrobe, Withey is also trying not to buy anything for a year — although she's already cheated a little by purchasing a little red rose ring. She's also allowed to wear any accessories she already owns.

"Sometimes I sort of waffle in terms of what leggings I'll wear or what earrings — I did this morning. I mean, I'm going on the radio what does it even matter?" she said with a laugh.

"The main thing is I just have to make sure it's clean — that's it."

So far, she says most people in her life haven't even noticed she has been wearing the same thing every day. Most of those that do notice are those that follow her blog, Frock Around the Clock, or have heard about the challenge somewhere else. Some even come in to see Withey at the library to ask how Laverne is holding up.

"I've had lots of people say either they're sort of envious of the notion of a uniform or that they actually have realized that they are wearing a uniform — they're buying the same thing over and over again."

As for what to do with the dress when the year is over, Withey is still deciding. She's toyed with the idea of running a marathon in it, or maybe doing some kind of wreck-the-dress event.

"Or I may just keep wearing it — but not everyday, but have it in my wardrobe," she said. "Maybe I'll have a new uniform for next year — it's possible."


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