'Eeyore' the donkey taken in Leduc County

RCMP in Leduc are looking for a stolen donkey.
Have you seen this donkey? RCMP say the animal, which was a farmer's pet in Leduc County, was taken on May 12. (Courtesy of Tim Lessing )

Police are searching for a pet minature donkey that went missing in Leduc County on May 12.

Owner Tim Lessing thinks the animal named Eeyore was picked up after escaping from its pen. 

"He's very calm. He's not really rowdy," he said. "He's pretty gentle and likes being around people."

Tim Lessing thinks his pet donkey was taken after escaping from its pen. (CBC)
His aunt Robin Lessing witnessed the theft near Township Road 482 and Range Road 252.  She saw two women with a Jeep Grande Cherokee.

“They had a donkey in the front of the truck ...and I recognized it to be my nephew's donkey,” she said. 

The women told her they were taking Eeyore back to the farm. She is now upset that she believed them. 

“At first I felt really bad that I couldn't have prevented it," she said.

"However I'm just in utter shock because any person that comes across an animal that has gotten out of a pen from the farmyard would go to the nearest farmer to find out who it belongs to." 

RCMP sent out a news release with pictures of Eeyore on Tuesday night. Livestock officials have been notified about the theft. Social media is also being monitored in the hopes of finding the donkey.

They ask that anyone with information about the missing animal contact the Leduc RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Lessing just wants Eeyore returned with no questions asked.