Eeyore the miniature donkey returned home on Tuesday night more than two weeks after he was reported missing in Leduc County.

“It’s definitely very exciting to have him back,” owner Tim Lessing said.

Eeyore went missing on May 12. Lessing was informed on Friday that the animal had been found.

Eeyore home

Eeyore the donkey was returned to his owner Tim Lessing on Tuesday. (Emily Fitzpatrick/CBC News )

The SPCA say they picked up Eeyore after receiving a call from someone who was worried about the animal’s condition, so they kept the animal for several days before releasing him to the family.

“There were some injuries that were of concern,” Roland Lines from the SPCA said earlier on Tuesday.

“The hooves were a bit overgrown. So we're running an active investigation to find out what the circumstances are.”

Eeyore’s return comes after the RCMP issued a press release about a possible theft.

Lessing’s aunt saw the donkey in a Jeep Cherokee driven by two women. He thought that Eeyore had gotten out of his pen and was picked up by someone who thought he was cute.

Lessing calls allegations that Eeyore was neglected “preposterous.”

“He definitely was not. We look after him just as well as a member of the family,” he said.

Lessing said Eeyore received veterinary care following an injury in March. Eeyore’s front feet were a little overgrown. Otherwise, the veterinarian gave the "thumbs up," Lessing said.