Jim Gomuwka, the Edson council candidate who thought he was defeated in last month’s municipal election, has been declared the winner after a judicial recount.

The judge’s ruling, issued on Friday, concludes one of the closest races in last month’s municipal elections.

Gomuwka finished in a dead heat with John Walker on Oct. 21. Following a procedure outlined in the province’s local elections act, both men’s names were put into a hat and Walker was declared the winner.

However, the judicial recount had Gomuwka in a tie with Troy Sorensen.  This time Gomuwka’s name was drawn and he was declared the winner.

Town communications coordinator Steve Bethge says all three men have been very civil throughout the whole process.

“There’s some -- not hard feelings towards each other -- but obviously, Johnny Walker is a little disappointed,” he said.

In Edson, the six candidates who receive the most votes get to sit on council.