Edmontonians flee Peru after mudslides

Mudslides and torrential rains in Peru have left two Edmontonians stranded.
Volunteers build a dike in an attempt to stop the flooding in Peru. ((Courtesy of Daryl Buchanan))
Mudslides, flooding and torrential rains in Peru have forced two Edmontonians to flee a tourist mecca and scramble to find a way home.

Daryl Buchanan and Nikita Haining had just made it to Machu Picchu — site of an ancient Inca town — when the devastation hit the area last Sunday.

They were in their tent when the mudslides hit, and watched as their tour guide was killed right in front of them.

"All of a sudden he just yelled, 'Run' and we looked back and the giant boulders came down the mountain. One of them struck him right in the head and he went flying over the cliff and died," Buchanan said.

The pair was airlifted out, eventually arriving in the city of Cuzco, but missed their flight back to Canada.

Buchanan said he and Haining plan to fly to Lima on Monday, where they hope to catch a flight back to Edmonton to escape the disaster.

Edmonton's Daryl Buchanan says the experience in Peru has been surreal. ((Courtesy of Daryl Buchanan))
"It was hell, it was just hell," Buchanan said.

"It was crazy — something out of a story book. You know, something you never think would happen. I woke up the next morning and thought was this a dream. Did this really happen?"

Despite the harrowing experience, Buchanan said he would go back to Peru in the future.