Several youth hit the streets Saturday to make amends for previously breaking the law.

Edmonton Police hosted a Graffiti Paint-Over Party on Saturday, with several youth on hand completing community service hours by painting over buildings that have been targets of graffiti vandalism.

One young man — who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act — had been recently caught tagging by the police. He said it feels good to be giving back to the community.

“You can’t just get away with mischief like that,” he said. “It’s just not right. I’m pretty sure I’ve learned my lesson.”

Police are also hoping the participants will learn about the consequences of their crimes.

“It’s not about shame whatsoever,” said Edmonton Police’s John Rosser . “It’s about a positive experience for the kids to understand some of the consequences.”

“People always have different perceptions on things,” said the young man participating Saturday. “People can look at us be like, ‘Look at those juvenile delinquents’ or they could be like ‘They are actually doing some work.’”