Alison McKnight’s friend went inside a storage unit last week in northeast Edmonton and found a shocking sight.

There in the unit was a cat, said McKnight, tied up with a snare wire by its neck.

“The wounds on her neck go right around her whole neck,” McKnight said. “Under the throat area and on the side of the neck is open quite wide, about an inch or so. She is cut from the right eye, down across her nose to her mouth.”

McKnight took the cat in and has been feeding it everyday until something else can be done.

cat neck injury

Alison McKnight said her friend found the cat tied by the neck last week. (CBC News)

She said there are many cats roaming this property, but none of them have ever been found in such a disturbing condition.

“It’s appalling,” said McKnight. “It’s disgusting. I can’t believe people can do that to animals.” 

This is why McKnight says she wants to help. She hopes she can get help from a vet or someone will adopt the cat she has named “Sugar.”

“For her to get a forever home, a loving home,” said McKnight. “Someone who is going to take really good care of her, because she deserves it.”