An Edmonton mother is raising questions about the safety of her son while at a daycare in Mill Woods.

When Bobbi Purves went to pick up her two-year-old son Jaxon from the Peter Pan Daycare, she was shocked to find him with a bloody lip and in need of medical attention.

“It just made me want to cry,” Purves said. “He must have been in pain. It was just an ugly, deep cut. I’ve always told them to call me for anything. Anything.”

Jaxon Purves

When Bobbi Purves picked up her two-year-old son Jaxon from daycare, she was shocked to find him with a bloody lip and in need of medical attention. (CBC News)

But Purves never received a phone call. 

Instead, she took her son to the Grey Nuns Hospital, where doctors immediately arranged to see a plastic surgeon at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. The toddler was put under a general anesthetic and received stitches.

The daycare told Purves that her son was injured when pulling a toy away from another child.

“I think that toy must have been a steel pipe or something, because just the amount of damage that was done,” Purves said. “I’m just not buying the story."

Province steps in

The provinces Child Care services department has since stepped in, and have conducted their own investigation. 

“Your heart cries a little bit for any child that’s injured in any situation,” said Diane Checknita, the manager of Child Care services in Alberta.

Checknita said licensing officers visited the facility Tuesday and found the staff had broken four rules and was considered non-compliant. 

Checknita said that when a child gets hurt, the daycare is required to phone both the licensing office and the parents. The child should also have received medical attention immediately. 

“We will be working very closely with this program to make sure it doesn’t happen again to another child,” Checknita said.

The Peter Pan Daycare declined an interview with CBC News but offered a statement saying they have made changes to ensure this type of incident doesn’t happen again.

“We are really sorry that this incident happened,” wrote a representative of the daycare.

“We have met with the licensing officers yesterday and based on their action plan, we have implemented additional control into our processes so that this type of incident does not occur again.”

Purves has since removed her son from the daycare and is now looking for a new facility for her son.