Edmonton Valley Zoo introduced its newest tenant Friday – a two-year-old Arctic Wolf named Tundra.

Officials say the zoo is happy to welcome the Arctic Wolf, who is already well adapted to Edmonton's northern climate.

As Animal Care Team Leader Wade Krasnow explained, Tundra was brought in from the Natura Artis Magistra in Amsterdam to keep Shilah, the zoo’s other Arctic Wolf, company after her sister passed away last summer.

Krasnow said it took about five months to transfer Tundra from Holland, and then he had to spend several weeks in quarantine at the Valley Zoo before being introduced to Shilah, carefully, over a period of weeks.

“You can’t just throw two animals together and expect them to live happily,” said Krasnow.

And although Krasnow said the zoo did not pick a male wolf specifically for breeding purposes, he added, “if she has pups … that’s a bonus for us.”

Click the video below to hear about all the steps zoo staff took to make sure Tundra and Shilah would get along.