After three-and-a-half months in Afghanistan, and two days travelling back, a group of soldiers are back in Edmonton in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

“I'm on my way back home to see my wife and my brand new five month old daughter,” said Lieutenant Brett Pelletier, one of the 16 soldiers who arrived back to Canadian Forces Base Edmonton Friday afternoon.

“It's going to be a big change she's grown a lot. So it's very exciting to be home. I'm very happy to be home.”

The soldiers were part of the NATO security force in Afghanistan helping to train the local army.

For Captain Matthew Hou, the relationships he made with the locals in Afghanistan made the return a bittersweet one.

"There's for sure a broad mix of emotions - pride in terms of what we've done, a sense of accomplishment. But also some nostalgia,” he said.”

“I know its only been a few days since leaving Afghanistan but we made some good relationships, good friendships with the Afghans.”

Canada still has more than 800 deployed in Afghanistan. The last group is set to return home in March 2014.