An Edmonton travel company is facing 17 charges after customers complained to the province.

Service Alberta says Wild Rose Vacations deducted money from consumers' accounts without permission and did not provide refunds as necessary.

Wild Rose Vacations and its director John (Jack) Kenneth Purdy are charged under the province's  Fair Trading Act and Travel Clubs Regulation for transactions between March and December 2009.

The province accused the company of deducting $129 from members' bank accounts without consent and failing to provide refunds within 15 days of contract cancellation by the cutomer.

The province also says Wild Rose Vacations misled clients by stating that agency access fees were not refundable and that membership dues would not increase in the next five years.

"Alberta has clear rules to protect the rights of consumers who deal with travel clubs," Heather Klimchuk, minister of Service Alberta said in a statement.

"There are serious consequences for businesses that fail to follow those rules."

Service Alberta first issued a warning to Wild Rose Vacations in 2006 asking the company to stop operating until it obtained a travel club license.

Wild Rose Vacations obtained a license shortly after.

A second provincial warning was issued in two years later, demanding the company  provide refunds within the legislated 15 day period to consumers who cancelled their contracts.

Consumers, however, continued to complain to Alberta about Wild Rose's practices.