Edmonton transit users will pay more to ride the bus and LRT in February.

Single fares will jump from $3 to $3.20 while monthly passes will climb to $89 from $84.65.

The new fares were set as part of the 2013 city budget process, said Patricia Waisman, ETS director of business development.

However the fares remain comparable to those in similar-sized transit systems across Canada, she said.

Packs of 10 tickets will rise to $24 for adults, and to $21 for youth and seniors.

The all-day pass will go to $9, and the post-secondary pass will be $81.

Seniors will pay $14 for a monthly pass.

On April 1, the senior citizen annual pass will increase to $125, while the low-income senior annual pass will go to $54.

In September, the youth monthly pass will cost $69.

Also on February 1, customers travelling to the Edmonton International Airport on Route 747 will be able to use two ETS adult tickets for a one-way fare as an alternative to the current $5 cash charge.