A 16-year-old teen from Edmonton is competing Saturday in Florida's Daytona stock car race — and he doesn't even have an official driver's licence yet.

Foran attends Grade 10 at Jasper Place high school where he is a part of their elite athlete program, which provides support to students pursuing athletic endeavours outside of school.

He started racing in pro-karts when he five, according to his website. He started competing against adults four years later. By the age of 14, he was competitively racing full-size stock cars.

Last year, Foran was "the youngest Cana­dian to ever race in the World Se­ries of As­phalt Rac­ing as part of Speed­weeks lead­ing up to NASCAR’s Day­tona 500," according to his website.

Foran wants to be the second Canadian to win a Sprint Cup, which is the highest class in NASCAR racing.

On Saturday, Foran is racing at the New Smyrma Speedway in Florida. Racing begins at 5:30 p.m. MST.

As for his Alberta licence, Foran says he'll be getting it next week.