An Edmonton teacher who said she was harassed and bullied by a Grade 8 student for more than one and a half years says the francophone school board did not do enough to protect her.  

"I'm hoping that this will open the eyes to other teachers, other members of the community ... about the seriousness of cyberbullying," said junior-high teacher Vienna Malko-Monterrosa. 

The female student became obsessed with Malko-Monterrosa in 2007, making prank phone calls to her home, followed by threatening emails and facebook messages saying things such as, "I know where you live," and, "Life would be a lot better if you just died."

"It was unbearable," Malko-Monterossa said. "There were times I felt it was too difficult to go to school and keep myself composed in front of the students," she said. 

The student was eventually expelled —  sent to another Edmonton school operated by the same board — but the cyberbullying did not end there, the hearing heard.

The student falsely accused Malko-Monterossa of sex assault and sent her another letter, calling the teacher "an illegal immigrant" and "an insult to the human race." 

Malko-Monterossa brought her complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission arguing the Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord failed to take strong enough action against the girl.

The three-day hearing wraps up today.

With files from CBC's Janice Johnston