A former Edmonton high school teacher pleaded guilty Wednesday to a having sex with a female student while in a position of trust two years ago.

Brad Glenn, 37, was an English teacher at W. P. Wagner school in south Edmonton when he developed a relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

The girl had an unstable home life and was finally kicked out of her home in early 2009, according to an agreed statement of facts. 

Glenn shared emails and Facebook conversations with the student and eventually developed a sexual relationship with her after she turned 17 in December 2009, court heard.

By that time Glenn had moved to another school.

In court, it was revealed that Glenn, who was married, ignored warnings by his peers about his involvement with the student.

Court heard that Glenn had closer relationships with his students than his peers.

Police began investigating in April 2010.

Glenn, who resigned from teaching June 1, 2010, will be sentenced this summer.