Edmonton-St. Albert MP John Williams says he's not seeking re-election because he has other work requiring more of his time. ((Handout))

John Williams, MP for Edmonton-St. Albert, has told his riding association hewill not seek re-election in the next federal campaign.

Williams has represented the riding for 13 years as a member of theReform,Canadian AllianceandConservative parties.

He said headvised hisridingassociation'sdirectorsof his decision on Wednesday night so that they can begin the process of selecting a candidate for the next federal election.

Williams said he decided not to run again because the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption is requiring more of his time.

"I am not turning my back on the Conservative party or the government of Canada. I have other agendas that are now demanding so much of my time, I can't be successful at being both a member of Parliament and chair of GOPAC."

Williamsformed the group after serving as chair of the public accounts committee in Ottawa when the sponsorship scandal was being investigated. He is organizing a conference forGOPAC next month in Tanzania.