A young Edmonton soccer player is heading to the World Cup in Brazil next month after winning a national contest.

Marcus Devlin, 10, is one of five Canadian children who won a contest to escort a player onto the field July 4 in the quarter-finals of the month-long tournament that began June 12.

“I'm pretty nervous,” he said. “‘Cause if I get to walk out with Ronaldo, I'll be like, ‘Whoa,’” Marcus says about Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

When Marcus isn’t playing soccer, he’s watching it. Right now he’s taken in every single game of the World Cup.

“And I always watch the Manchester United games,” he added.

Chris Devlin

Chris Devlin, a former competitive soccer player, will be heading to Brazil with his son Marcus, who will escort a World Cup player onto the field for the quarter-finals in July. (CBC)

While Marcus is passionate about soccer, his involvement in hockey is whatis sending him to Brazil.

Marcus plays centre on a team sponsored by McDonalds. His coach wrote him a letter of recommendation that helped him win the contest.

“I’m very grateful,” he said. “It’s basically the best thing in the world.”

Soccer runs in the family’s blood.

His father, Chris Devlin, is a former competitive soccer player and is almost as excited as his son.

“I'm sure when I'm sitting in those seats and watching him walk out  with whatever player it is from whatever country, I'll be crying,” he said.

It’s early days in the World Cup, so the team Marcus will escort is still unknown. But he hopes that it will be Brazil, Bosnia or Portugal.