An Edmonton senior who was beaten and robbed in his own backyard last week is still in hospital.

Mike Madarash, 86, was attacked in broad daylight on July 9th at his home in the Beacon Heights neighbourhood.

Anne Madarash says her husband suffered a broken nose and may lose the sight in his one good eye.

"He's slowly coming a little, but he's still in some pain and he's still bedridden," she told CBC News. "He's lost so much blood. His whole system was in shock and he doesn't walk yet."

Anne Madarash says her husband was sitting outside in a chair listening to the radio when she suddenly heard him crying for help.

What she saw from her kitchen window was an image she will never forget.

"I could see this stick going up and down," Madarash said. "I looked and I screamed. Blood .. because they broke his nose."

Two young men ran away and were arrested shortly afterwards. A 17 and 18 year old face a number of charges including robbery and aggravated assault.

Madarash is still stunned by the attack that took place in the middle of the morning.  

"What is wrong with our youth and people that do these things?" she asked. "They took his wallet — go. Why beat him? What for?"

The attack frightened Madarash so much she will not longer go into her yard without being accompanied by borrowed dogs.

With files from the CBC's Janice Johnston