The City of Edmonton has rated its worst roads, posting online the 10 most in need of repair.

The list is in response to a blog from Coun. Kerry Diotte who suggested the city tell motorists what's getting done with the city's worst roads.

"At least let people know that something is being done," he said. "Everybody has got a pet peeve piece of pavement."

The city assesses its roads for surface distress and ride comfort once every two years, and structural integrity measured every five years.

The individual scores are then combined into an overall score called the Pavement Quality Index, ranked between 0 and 10 with the high number indicating an excellent condition.

The city divided the roads into two categories — arterial roads and bus routes, or collector roads.

The worst road is 63rd Avenue between 99th Street and Calgary Trail.

"It needs reconstruction," said Bob Dunford, director of road maintenance. "There's no question."

The road is so bad, Diotte said it can be downright dangerous. 

"With a core service like roads you got to get to the work," he said. "You can't be a world class city with third-world streets."

The city warns that while one road may appear to be in worse shape than another, other factors are considered before the city decides which road is repaired.

Citizens can report their favourite pothole by calling 311 or online.

Roadway Maintenance also responds directly to comments on Twitter.

Edmonton's 10 worst arterial roads at a glance:

  1. 63 Avenue, 99th Street to Calgary Trail
  2. 90 Avenue, 75th Street to 83rd Street
  3. 142nd Street, 118th Avenue to Yellowhead Trail
  4. 106th Avenue, 97th Street to 116th Street
  5. 111th Avenue, 163rd Street to 170th Street
  6. 124th Street, 111th Avenue to 118th Avenue
  7. 18th Street, 153rd Avenue to 167th Avenue
  8. 23rd Avenue, 184th Street to 199th Street
  9. 178th Street, Callingwood Road to 69th Avenue
  10. 195th Avenue, Meridian Street Manning Drive

Edmonton's 10 worst bus routes at a glance:

  1. 20th Avenue, 94th Street to Karl Clark Road
  2. 67th Street, 68th Avenue to 76th Avenue
  3. 148th Street, 128th Avenue to 131st Avenue
  4. Girard Road, 71st Street to 76th Avenue
  5. 131st Avenue, St. Albert Trail to 146th Street
  6. 97th Street, 31st Avenue to 34th Avenue
  7. 118th Street, 73rd Avenue to 76th Avenue
  8. 107th Street, 127th Avenue to 132nd Avenue
  9. 156th Avenue, 59A Street to 64th Street
  10. 71st Street, 68th Avenue to Girard Road