With the municipal election just around the corner, candidates running for Edmonton's public school board are proving winning a seat on city council isn't the only big race.

Five of the nine trustee seats have no incumbents.

Trustee campaigns are now rivaling those for council and mayor.

Candidates are knocking on doors, using social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook and buying billboard ads.

Michael Janz, 26, who is running for public trustee in Ward F believes this surge in interest is linked to recent school closures.

"It's wonderful to see so many younger and more engaged candidates coming forward who aren't treating this as a retirement position or somewhere they can sit and deliver high school graduation speeches," Janz said Thursday.

"Actually, candidates are coming forward saying 'We have vision and direction, we want to get engaged, we want to get involved and we want to have a hand in helping shape our city.'"

Edmontonians head to the polls Oct. 18.