Bylaw officers targeted five different parts of the city this morning, ticketing vehicles parked along designated bus routes.

A seasonal parking ban remains in place, giving crews room to clear snow from major routes.

Edward Kroeker got a $50 ticket outside a seniors' apartment building where he lives at 137th Street and 115th Avenue.

"I thought I heard on the TV that we didn't have to move it until 9 o'clock so when I came out the ticket was on the car" he told CBC News.

Kroeker wasn't the only person ticketed on Monday. The city announced that bylaw officers issued 314 tickets and had seven vehicles towed by 5 p.m.

Even though he was ticketed, Kroeker thinks the seasonal parking ban is a good idea.

"I've seen it before they had the ban and it was terrible — the snowplows would have to drive around the cars and the snow would get piled up on the sides of cars."

But Paul Bellerive said residents aren't given enough notice.

"Why don't they put signs out? They used to give us 24 hours notice. Now they give you eight hours and if you don't listen to the stupid TV you don't hear it."

The city warns the parking ban is in effect until further notice. That means no parking on these routes until the ban has been lifted, even if the road has already been plowed.

The city also has the right to tow your vehicle.


With files from CBC's Lydia Neufeld