Neon sign

Mike's newsstand is long gone, but its sign is coming back to life. (CBC)

February is bringing a new buzz and glow to the intersection of 104th Street and 104th Avenue.

The Alberta Sign Association has begun installing iconic neon signs from Edmonton's past on the side of the Telus building at that intersection. The outdoor museum, six years in the making, is the result of a partnership between the association, the City of Edmonton, Telus, the Downtown Business Association and The Places.

"There's no other medium like a neon sign," said Tom McGeachy, who's been involved in the project for six years. "We can come up with all kinds of things that imitate it,  that look like it,  but when you get right down to it there's nothing like it."

The signs, McGeachy added, are like travelling into the past.

"The glow of neon, the spark of neon, the buzz of neon tends to rejuvenate those thoughts and those memories," he said. "What we're anticipating is [when] people go back have a look at it, it sparks a memory."

The museum will be officially launched on Feb. 21.