A new office building in Edmonton is taking energy efficiency to a whole new level.

The Mosaic Centre, an office building at 91st Street and Savaryn Drive, will be able to run entirely off the city’s power grid becoming Alberta’s first “net-zero” commercial building.

Solar panels installed on the building’s roof and walls will provide much of the energy needed to maintain electricity in the building.

While some of the Mosaic’s heating needs will be met using a geo-exchange system that draws heat from the ground, heat from the computer’s server room will also be redistributed throughout the building.

Architect Shafraaz Kaba said he was challenged by client Oil Country Engineering to build a net-zero building capable of gaining certification by the Living Building Institute, an internationally-recognized organization promoting green construction practises.

While Kaba says sustainable building practices are becoming more common in residential projects, there are few commercial buildings in Canada.

Construction on the Mosaic Centre started in mid-March, with a completion date estimated for May 2015.

You can hear Mark Connolly's full interview with Kaba below: