A look at how the Food Bank has changed the lives of volunteers and recipients alike. Learn more about the people in need, as well as the people who make the Food Bank possible. 

Marjorie Oliver - recipient

Marjorie Oliver has been a client of the Food Bank for decades. When her four children were young, she would pick up food hampers several times a month. 

Clyde Flynn - volunteer

As a member of Knights of Columbus, Clyde Flynn has been cooking meals at various 
shelters for the past six years. He says every time he serves a meal, he always gets a thank you in return.  

Jocelyn Manzini - recipient 

After moving from British Columbia five years ago,  Jocelyn Manzini went to Operation Friendship for a place to stay and to get hot meals. She also goes to the Food Bank once a month. 

Ernie Melin - volunteer

 Also known as Mr. Forever, Ernie Melin has been a volunteer at the Food Bank for the past 17 years. He's retired, but you can catch him working in the warehouse almost every single weekday. 

Chris Bird - recipient

Recently unemployed from his caretaker position, Chris Bird is finding it difficult to adjust to inner city life. He says the Operation Friendship senior centre has helped him find a new apartment.