Edmonton Northlands is not to blame for the fans injured when a bull charged the crowd three years ago, the service group said in a statement of defence filed in Edmonton court.

During the Canadian Finals Rodeo in November 2010, Carol MacKechnie was seriously injured when a bull jumped the railing into the crowd.

But Northlands claims MacKechnie was responsible for her own injuries by entering the competition area when it was unsafe and trying to "restrain the bull" when it was unsafe or unneccessary to do so.

It also says she payed insufficient attention to her surroundings and claims her ability to take evasive action was "impaired by alcohol, drugs fatigue or other causes."

The statement does not offer proof or how Northlands arrived at the allegations.

MacKechnie, who claims she suffered a fractured pelvis, cheek bone and orbital bone among other injuries, is suing Northlands and the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association for $450,000 damages.

In addition to the damages sought by MacKechnie, the Government of Alberta is suing to recover $50,000 in health care costs.

In her statement of claim, she accuses  Northlands and the CPRA failed to install a proper fence and ensure the safety of spectators.