'I couldn't move my arms': Edmonton road rage victim tells her story

An Edmonton woman recovering in hospital after a vicious road-rage assault says the man who attacked her with a crowbar also tried to run her over.

Woman hospitalized after road-rage attack says man hit her twice with crowbar, breaking her arms

The victim from Tuesday's road-rage attack explains how she was struck twice by a man with a crowbar, breaking both arms. 1:15

The Edmonton woman who survived a vicious crowbar attack Tuesday morning says she's taking her long road to recovery "day by day."

The 34-year-old woman spoke with CBC Edmonton in hospital Wednesday, where she is recovering from two surgeries to treat multiple fractures in her arms after a man attacked her with a crowbar during a road rage incident.

CBC has agreed not to identify the victim.

The woman, with both arms bandaged and one in a sling, said she was driving home to the King Edward Park neighbourhood around 6:30 a.m. local time Tuesday after dropping off her husband at work.

She came up behind a vehicle stopped in the road. It was blocking her lane and preventing her from turning a corner.

Police said they are searching for a mid-2000s model silver Pontiac Wave.

"I honked at him, and he finally moved," she said.

Bandages cover Edmonton woman's arm after vicious road rage attack. (Emily Fitzpatrick/CBC)

She said she then drove around his car.

The man followed her, then passed her and came to an abrupt stop directly in front of her vehicle.

He got out of his car. She was shocked to see he was wielding a crowbar.

"I got out of my car, figured that would probably be the best because I'm not trapped," she said.

She thought the man was going to strike her car with the crowbar and take off. But when she got out of her vehicle, he struck her instead.

"He raised the crowbar and hit me and then I blocked it with my one arm, and then he raised it again and hit me on the other arm."

The woman didn't scream throughout the attack, not even when the man then tried to run her over before speeding off, she said.

"I couldn't move my arms."

'There's something seriously wrong with him'

The victim said the man belongs in prison for what he did to her. "Throw the book at him. Lock him up. Don't let him out, because there's something seriously wrong with him."

Edmonton police have not identified a suspect in the case but say tips about the man have been pouring in since police released footage of the attacker in his vehicle that was captured on the woman's dashcam.

"Investigators have been working around the clock on it," Edmonton police spokesperson Scott Pattison said Wednesday.

The woman says her wrists were also cracked by the crowbar attack. (Emily Fitzpatrick/CBC)

"The tips have been flowing in, so they're looking at each and every one of them and exploring the possibilities. I know this morning that area was also under surveillance, where the incident occurred, and it's believed possibly the same vehicle was seen in the neighbourhood by residents in the area."

Speaking slowly and in obvious pain, the woman described the extent of her surgeries, including the insertion of plates and screws to stabilize the bones in her arms. She also has cracked wrists and a dislocated elbow.

Sitting close by her bedside, the victim's husband said his wife doesn't like to be in the spotlight, but they are both grateful for the outpouring of support from people trying to help find her attacker.

The victim said she has some questions for her attacker.

"What's wrong with you?" she said. "Does it bring you joy to inflict pain on others?"