An Edmonton homeowner is calling on the city to do something about the riverbank erosion that is quickly eating away backyards along his street.

"It should be an issue for Edmontonians because it's their river," said Alain Brassard. "It's a river that's our most beautiful resource. And if houses were to fall into the river, it will be an incredible environmental issue."

Brassard lives on 154th Street overlooking the North Saskatchewan River in the Riverbend neighbourhood  just north of Ramsay Estates, where a devastating landslide destroyed three homes in 1999.

The river bank in his area is eroding by around one metre a year, he said.

He said some homeowners are paying to brace their foundations, but the land belongs to the city.

"We're sort of lost because I think we should have some kind of guidance from municipal or provincial government," he said. "I don't understand why the stabilization of the river bank should be on the hands of homeowners."

Three homes on his street have been condemned due to foundation problems, Brassard said.

City Coun. Bryan Anderson would not comment on the issue without first speaking to the city's legal department.