A restaurant in Edmonton continues to operate despite receiving the highest fine for health violations in Alberta history.  

Alberta Provincial court handed the owners of China BBQ Specialty their third conviction for health violations on Friday, along with a fine of $51,520.

The violations included failing to store food at proper temperatures and failing to maintain a proper hand-washing area.

China BBQ Specialty is "the worst violator" of the Public Health Act, according to Glenn Jenkins, an inspector with Capital Health.

Jenkins described the restaurant's owners as stubborn in complying with the regulations.

"Sometimes I'll go in and the operator will reach in and turn on the cabinet as I enter the facility, and so the food that's supposed to be kept hot is at room-temperature. I've found quite a few items that aren't even kept inside the hot-holding cabinet," Jenkins said.

Despite the fine, however, China BBQ Specialty was serving customers Friday, and Jenkins said the restaurant can continue to operate.

"Under the Health Act, there's very little authority to keep them closed permanently," he said.

"I think we've established that if it's necessary, we'll take that step, but in most situations we'll go in and everything's corrected, so they're in full compliance with the regulations at that time. We can't keep them closed under the regulations as they sit right now."

Jenkins said inspectors will visit China BBQ Specialty at least three times a year, and may shut the restaurant down if violations continue.