Edmonton police will be targetting criminal activity on the city's LRT system this week.

From Wednesday until Saturday police will partner with Edmonton Transit peace officers to bolster presence at LRT platforms across the city. 

"We’re cognizant of the crime patterns of offenders, so it’s important that we monitor all areas of the city on a regular basis, and that includes key transit arteries," said Const. Joseph Allan.

The Community Action Team deployment will include upwards of 20 officers and is part of the service's Violence Reduction Strategy developed to reduce the severity, frequency, and fear of violence in Edmonton over the next few years.

Last month a 29-year-old man was beaten to death while on the LRT in the middle of the afternoon between Belvedere and Clareview stations.

Earlier this month a man threatened a transit officer with a gun while his accomplice was being ticketed for trespassing.

Over the past two years, the team have targeted inner-city neighbourhoods such as McCauley and Belvedere.