An Edmonton police officer has been docked a week's pay for lying about being a helicopter pilot.

Const. Jess Bagan pleaded guilty last year to two counts of misconduct in what police are calling a unique case.

A recent written decision from his disciplinary hearing says Bagan wasn't required to fly a helicopter.

It says Bagan told several officers that he was an experienced pilot and had previously worked for STARS air ambulance.

He also dropped the fib during a 2014 interview for a position with the force's crime scene unit — a job that also did not require him to be a pilot.

The decision says Bagan suffered from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

"For no obvious reason, he manufactured and perpetuated a story that he had been a helicopter pilot," said the decision by presiding officer Supt. Mark Logar.

"The most that can be said is that he possibly just tried to make himself a bit more interesting. More likely, however, this may have been just part of the psychological struggles the constable was enduring at the time."

Logar said deceit is a serious offence and the public must be able to trust police.

He ordered that Bagan's rank be reduced in seniority for a week and that he also lose a week's pay.