A new web series produced by the Edmonton Police Service has quietly been cancelled after two episodes.

In a written statement police said, "Based on some of the feedback we have received, we have decided to refocus the vision of The Squad and cancel any further episodes."

"We will take what we’ve learned and keep bringing stories about policing in Edmonton to the public through new and innovative ways."

Earlier Michael James of the EPS Digital Media Unit said "The Squad" was intended to demystify some of the more routine tasks handled by the EPS squad and help with recruitment.

But elements in the first episode were described by criminal lawyers as abuse of authority and a violation of privacy.

In the episode, the camera follows several Edmonton police officers as they conduct a nighttime search of the river valley trying to locate a screaming man, who is eventually arrested.

"There's charter breaches, there's rights to privacy breaches, there's EPS policy breaches. I mean — it's unbelievable," Tom Engel said last month.