Brian Fish LERB

Lawyer Brian Fish speaks to media after a hearing at the Law Enforcement Review Board in Edmonton Wednesday. (CBC)

An Edmonton man who claims he was roughed up by police during the Stanley Cup celebrations in 2006 says he's making one more effort to bring the officers to account.

"It's a matter of principle," said Brian Fish, who is a lawyer. "That's basically it. And I believe that this is yet another case of the blue wall of silence that is a complete cover-up of what really happened."

Fish, 73, appeared in front of the Law Enforcement Review Board Wednesday morning for the second time.

He was last before the board in 2009 when it ordered police to conduct a second investigation into his complaint.

The investigation cleared the officers.

During the celebrations following an Edmonton Oilers victory that forced a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup final, Fish's son called his dad after a friend was arrested on Whyte Avenue. He told his dad police were "out of control."

Fish showed up with his camera and started taking pictures. When police told him to stop, he refused.

Fish said he was knocked to the ground, hit with a Taser stun gun, handcuffed and detained for several hours.

"It was not only that I was roughed up unnecessarily," he said. "It's that it was a wrongful arrest in the first place."

No date was set for a decision.

Fish is also suing Edmonton's chief of police and the officers involved in a civil suit.